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Citiled by SACO are the leaders in turnkey solutions for innovative media facades.

Citiled by SACO are the leaders in turnkey solutions for innovative media facades

Citled by SACO is a company with headquarters in Paris. Now part of SACO since 2013, Citiled by SACO is a fast growing international LED Video and LED Lighting company. Citiled by SACO has combined brand offices in Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Beirut (Lebanon) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Our team comprises highly skilled designers, engineers and technical staff who ensure that the most appropriate architectural LED Light and Video Systems are developed.


Citiled by SACO study each project with a unique approach and creates custom-made systems that allow complete integration into the architectural facade. Citiled by SACO specializes in the design, engineering, supply and installation of LED Lighting and Video systems, also known as “Media Ligthing” and “Media Facade”. LED Light has become a new architectural material and allows infinite creative possibilities for building facades. Light and Video are also coherently controlled as a whole dynamic media installation, with an intelligent software that enables them adapt to each other so the result has maximal impact on the public.


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Citiled Market

Citiled by SACO designs and develops our systems for architecture, hotels, hospitals, airports, sports arenas, design objects, retail, event and street lighting applications.

Development Strategy

Citiled by SACO utilizes the very best in proprietary LED technology by SACO Technologies Inc. We’ve also developed very strong relationships with next generation glazing industry leaders. Now supported by SACO we continue to accelerate our growth through product innovation and strong customer relationships.